The Plainfield Business Association (PBA)

The Plainfield Business Association was founded in 2011 by a few area business owners who met at an Access sponsored program, Our Towns, Our Vision, Our Voices, Dialogue-to-Change. We each attended the program with our own ideas of what we thought our town needed. Little did we know, that each one of us had the same vision, the same passion, and the same dedication to our community. That was just the beginning. On October 27, 2011, the PBA was selected by the Access Community Action Agency to receive the Community Spirit Award.

Our past achievements include the Hanging of the Flags and Flag Ceremony in honor of all our Veterans, the Pride in Plainfield & Celebrate Plainfield Day events from 2011 through 2018, the Holiday Hop and the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremonies.

Today, the Plainfield Business Association is an approved 501(c) non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and members. Our goal for the PBA is to continuously accept new members who can help our community grow and to enhance our mission of bringing the area residents and local businesses together to foster a positive community.

Who can be a member of the Plainfield Business Association?

Any individual who is a resident, business owner, or has a direct interest in the overall improvement of the Plainfield communities can become a member.

How can I become a Member?

Any individual can become a member by completing a registration form and attending ongoing monthly meetings throughout the year.

Is there a fee to become a Member?

Yes. Our annual membership fee is $100 for businesses and $25 for residents. This fee helps to fund the operations of the organization such as office supplies, business insurance, and website management as well as fund many of the great events that we hold.

What are the benefits of joining the Plainfield Business Association?

  • Pride of giving back to your community
  • Opportunity to establish business resources
  • Networking with other businesses
  • Opportunities to promote your business through PBA events
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Marketing through PBA email contacts, Website and Facebook Page

The PBA Board of Directors

Russell Phipps
Phone: (860) 608-5487  •  Email: PlainfieldBusinessAssociation@gmail.com

Vice President
Robert Smith

Amy Turner

Sharon Palin

Susie Bernado
Liza Esperance
Eileen Piotrosky
Tom Sinkewicz