Golf Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor the 2022 PBA Golf Tournament? We have different sponsorship opportunities available.


PLATINUM SPONSOR Set of Irons $800

GOLD SPONSOR Driver $500


BRONZE SPONSOR Utility Wood $200

Benefits for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors: 

  • Sponsors’ names will be promoted/displayed with advertising literature prior to event.
  • A special card/sign with sponsor’s name will be displayed with the sponsored prize (listed above).
  • Sponsors will be announced during the dinner.
  • Sponsors also will receive a tee box sign.

HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSOR Featured Tee Sign & Special Announcements $250

LONG DRIVE SPONSOR Featured Tee Sign & Special Announcements $250

GOLF CART SPONSOR 72 Windshield Signs $250

TEE BOX SPONSOR Tee Sign $100 Benefits for Tee Box Sponsor:

  • A sign (17.75” x 23.75) will be created for each sponsor. Sign may include sponsor’s Name, Logo, Address, Phone Number, Email and/or Website.

Sponsorship Deadline: April 16, 2022

Please contact the PBA at